21 Aug 2014

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  • Jul : 4 : 2014 - JackPOS is a Carder’s Wet Dream
  • Jul : 3 : 2014 - The History of STOPhaus

Being an anti-censorship advocate, I am often subjected to imagery that I disapprove of and some that I outright despise and am caught in the debate of the century, “What is too much?”  After all, we all know that gluttony leads to evil, wrongdoing, bad, and utter decadence, but who is worthy of dictating what exactly is too much?  Many people would argue in favor of anti-censorship, but would they vote in favor of child porn?  Many would say freedom of speech is universal, but would they stand up for hate speech?  Many would say a free market is essential, but would they support slavery and human trafficking?  The debate one must ask oneself is not, what is okay for others but instead…”what is okay for me?”


The Hidden Wiki is a popular reference guide for Darknet and provides a list of Tor sites and services that include anything you could imagine and places that discuss topics of unimaginable controversy.  From terrorism to child porn, The Hidden Wiki can point you in the right direction to wrong.  One thing I felt extremely disturbed about was the “Popular Pages” link that makes it awful clear who the vast majority of people are that are using The Hidden Wiki and this makes me hesitant to support such a site, because, as I said, I get to decide what I support and I do not support a freedom of speech that includes child porn and never will.

The Hidden Wiki Popular Pages

Seeing that pedo lovers outweigh every other topic over 1000 to 1, The Hidden Wiki does not strike me as much of a directory for anti-censorship and privacy, but more so a yellow pages of pedophilia data.

Some of the other Tor portals leading to CP are listed below. The way I look at it is that, it is not my place to judge…but my audience might ;) Happy Hunting!

PEDO COMMUNITIES: (Accessible via Tor)




No Tor Needed:

http://www.annabelleigh.net/ (grooming)






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Andrew is a cyber security expert and has been focused on non-profit charitable efforts across the globe. Working closely with the Anonymous Hacktivist culture, Andrew has been working on cryptography, alternative journalism and open-source technologies for a number of years to preserve secure and anonymous communications for all.

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